School Colab!

I am excited to be heading back to Sydney to collaborate with our partners in Western Sydney!
Whether it is sporting clubs and or schools it is critical that we focus on making an impact with our students.
Thank you to all involved for your hard work in serving and impacting the community

Getting Results

One of the best things about being the founder of an Education & Health company is having the opportunity to see the visible impact we make in our clients homes week in and week out
A big shout out to John Clonis one of our passionate educators in Victoria who loves what he does day in and day out


Gold Coast Academy of Sport

A big shout out this morning to the Gold Coast Academy of Sport for inviting us to one of their events that was held last week on the Gold CoastI would like to acknowledge my colleague Magnus Olson for all of his efforts and I know that the boys enjoyed themselves! If you’re a school or a young aspiring athlete I would encourage you to get touch with Gold Coast academy of sport today to speak to them about their programs! -Ben

Monday mindfulness

It's Term 1, Week 8 here in Brisbane this week All of our educators and students are getting ready for their ‘end of term’ assessments I would like to bring attention to the staff, students and families that have been working tirelessly all termI hope everyone out there who is a teacher, student, parent and or key stakeholder in a students life is ready for a big end to Term 1, 2024 Remember, at FSE … “We don’t tell students what to do, we teach them how to do it” -Ben

To anyone who is looking to make an impact in the classroom or outside in 2024, we would love to hear from you! Click below to join our fast growing and passionate teams located all around Australia.


Sunday is a day of rest .It is also an opportunity to acknowledge the work of others in the community.

One of the parts of my role I enjoy the most is having the opportunity to collaborate alongside individuals who have the desire to make an impact with their contribution to society. Thank you to the Parramatta Eels & Nathan Parnham for your work that is clearly making a difference to families lives in the heart of Sydney’s Western suburbs.

It is fair to say that i speak on behalf of the entire executive team at Full Spectrum Education when I say how privileged we’re to have the opportunity to interact with such special individuals on a daily basis. Please, take the opportunity to check out their awesome work in the link provided below

- Ben


Ben on Ice

It was a pleasure to be in Brisbane tonight To play the last regular season game against the Jokers in Brisbane’s Premier division Thank you to my team mates for a great regular season togwther this season I know I speak for the entire management and leadership team at Full Spectrum EducationWhen I say how excited we’re to be giving back to the ice hockey community and sponsoring another great team A big shout to Tim Ice-Tee for all of his hard work in making this endeavour come together so seamlessly.


Full Spectrum Education has had the immense privilege of being able to work alongside the amazing and inspiring Michael Crossland. Check out Michael's story in this video! 📲 Despite spending nearly 1/4 of his life in hospital, Michael’s ability to help shift your mindset, instill perspective and have you determined to become the best version of yourself, will amaze and inspire. Now a businessman and elite sportsman, Michael is at the forefront of today’s new generation of inspirational speakers and is one the most in demand and highly respected speakers in Australia.


Back to School!

The last week of January in Australia Is the time of year that signals the return to school for children in all of the southern states The entire team has been hard at work To ensure that all of our students across the nation are well prepared To return to school for the 2024 school year

Term 1 in full swing!

Our students are having a great start to Term 1 so far and some amazing reviews have come in over the last few months! Thank you for the review, Kim. We're glad that your daughter has had success with our program.If you're looking for a qualified educator to teach your child this year, get in touch with us for a no-obligation, free consultation appointment

Happy Australia day!

What a special week It has been an exciting few days The Full Spectrum Education team are down at Westfield Doncaster today If you are out and about in Melbourne this Australia Day we would love you to stop by and see us

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