Working with the Community

At Full Spectrum, we know we can only flourish if the community around us flourishes too. We are always making efforts to support & amplify the efforts of wonderful community organisations across the country. From sports organisations to student activity groups, we are ready to step up and do our part.  We sponsor & collaborate with organisations for a variety of reasons & work closely with a growing number of community ambassadors like Lote Tuqiri. Importantly, promoting the health benefits of active sports & ensuring social sports activities continue to thrive are great outcomes, but we also participate to have a little fun!

Achieving beyond School

Working with organisations in the wider community means Full Spectrum Education can ensure that the learning we are so passionate about translates into lifelong achievement for our students. Hutchies' Statim Yaga program is helping indigenous students like Djuarn get qualified & secure lasting employment. Full Spectrum is thrilled to help with valuable education & community programs like this one.

Street Safe

Our strategic partnership with Adam Howard from Street Safe Australia has provided both organisations with amazing opportunities to do good in the community. Together we work to promote confidence and self-esteem by running a series of workshops using verbal and physical skills training aimed at pre-teens and teenagers. We provide additional skills development to assist in developing responsible strategies for managing bullying via social media but also verbal and physical bullying inside and outside the school environment too. Adam Howard talks in more depth about what we are achieving in this short video.

Building up students with YMCA

YMCA Queensland is a not-for-profit organisation with leading services in childcare, fitness, camping, education, hospitality, youth, recreation and community programs.  We are proud to contribute to their activities to support & uplift students.

These are just a few of the community projects Full Spectrum Education has been involved in & we hope to see many more going forward. If you think your organisation can contribute to the education space, reach out via our contact page to see what opportunities we can find together!

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