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Comprehensive Support Program 

Full Spectrum Health was established with the understanding that every person has specific requirements in order to improve their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, their independence and to achieve individual goals. For this reason, Full Spectrum Health is unlike any competing allied health organisation.

We create custom plans and design and individualised program specifically suited to the individual needs of every client, so the experience is truly personalised. We guarantee that our team of passionate health professionals are effectively matched to each client to ensure the optimal enjoyment of their journey and the best results. Here at Full Spectrum Health, we believe that our role as health professionals is to help people surpass their own expectations of what they believe they can achieve.

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Our Practitioners

Our health practitioners here at Full Spectrum Health are passionate and driven to help our clients achieve their best outcomes in their health pursuits. Each and every practitioner we hire has the motivation to help their clients reach their full potential.

You can rest assured that all of our practitioners:

 Have undergone an extensive applicant process
 Plan and implement strategies using evidence-based practices
 Work in partnership with other health practitioners and Health Management at Full Spectrum Health to provide sessions fit for each and every client
 Have a current Blue Card or Working With Children Check and Police Check through the Queensland Government
 Are registered practitioners that have worked within their sector & hold qualifications making them masters in their field

“My sister has special needs and we were struggling for a while to find a mentor that she wouldn’t refuse to work with right away!! The first mentor sent to us through Full Spectrum Health was a perfect fit for her. I think it was because of the initial consultation that she was matched with someone so perfect so quickly!”


“Full Spectrum Health provided amazing and personlised physiotherapy services to our child after other companies were unable to provide us with someone who they actually enjoyed working with.”


Our Popular Services

Full Spectrum facilitates a wide range of allied health services. We have fully qualified practitioners with comprehensive understanding and diverse experience  across a wide range of specialties. This allows our team to provide expert care & support for each of our clients, no matter their needs or goals.

Physical Therapies

Getting you back on track

Our physiotherapists come to your home and provide a hands-on, evidence-based treatment using a wide range of techniques including stretching, mobilisation, manipulation & necessary advice that you need for your lifestyle, work and/or sports commitments.

Art & Music Therapies

Supporting mind & body

Our art and music therapists here at Full Spectrum Health will provide fun and interactive sessions with clients of any age, aiming to improve mood, resolve conflicts, improve self-observation skills and give you a sense of personal fulfilment. Our art and music therapies aim to treat trauma, grief, anxiety, addictions and stress.

Personal Training 

Improving strength & flexability

Our personal trainers work with you to plan and implement an exercise or fitness regimen that will help you achieve your goals. Our yoga & pilates instructors provide one-on-one or group sessions for clients of all ages. Our sessions aim to improve muscle strength, balance and flexibility skills.


Exercise physiology
Personal training
Yoga & Pilates
Massage therapy
Diabetes educator

Mental & Emotional

Art therapy Music therapy
Occupational therapy
Speech pathology
Developmental educator

Social integration

Care & support
Rehabilitation counselling

Focused on Results

With Full Spectrum Health, you can be assured that you will be comprehensively assessed to determine the gaps in your health regime and areas for improvement. Using their expertise, our health professionals can construct a program to best address these gaps and help you to gain a healthier lifestyle. We don't just focus on exercise, nutrition or mindset, it takes a whole body & mind approach to achieve results that last.

Effective Goal setting

Our initial aim for each and every client is to work on setting achievable goals that ultimately lead to physical and mental wellbeing.

Strategy Implementation

With the appropriate strategy in place, you are on your way. We pride ourselves in our ability to deconstruct evidence-based practices and apply only the parts that are relevant to achieving your personal goals.

Focused on Positive outcomes

Throughout the rehabilitation process, combining your motivation to achieve these desired positive outcomes with our support, you will begin to see a new version of yourself.

Targeting Independence

We love nothing more than to see you achieve independence. We believe that the goal of all health providers worldwide should be to see their clients reach a position where they no longer need us. This is the single greatest indicator that we have achieved our goals together and our health practitioners have done their job!

Physical & mental Wellbeing

Here at Full Spectrum Health, we unquestionably believe that physical and mental wellbeing cannot be achieved without the steps we have just outlined: goal setting, strategy implementation, positive outcomes and independence, in that order, will allow you to achieve anything you set your mind to. Your well being is what is most important to us.

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