Health and Wellness

Healthy Mind, Healthy Body

Full Spectrum Education is making big strides in the health & education spaces. We know that physical & mental health are the bedrock academic performance rests on. This is why we are continuing to expand our collaboration with partners in both the Health & Education Spheres. We discuss increasing curriculum complexity putting pressure on students & teachers in this ABC interview. That complexity often translates into stress & health impacts for pressured students. As such we are doing all we can to ensure students get support whenever they need.

Thanks to the ABC for helping us promote our goals & share our experience with a wider audience.

Supporting Social  Participation

It's easy to get focused on the academic side of things, but we can't forget how important it is to develop skills in all aspects of life. Gold Coast Disability & Youth provide a range of individual & group social participation & support programs, specialising in pre-teens, teens & young adults. The social connections & skills they help clients develop are essential tools for children growing into flourishing adults. We are proud to support Gold Coast Disability & Youth & many similar organisations in their essential work.

Developing & Growing

The Man That Can Project helps empower men to take ownership for their lives and confidently be their authentic selves. We are excited to work with them into the future to improve our community & promote achievement & confidence for all our students.

We have seen first hand the big impact even a little mentoring & guidance can have on our students. The Man that Can project offers those same big impacts to men throughout their lives.

Sports & Fitness

At Full Spectrum Education, we are strong believers in the physical & mental benefits of community sports. As such, we have worked with multiple sports clubs to maximise the positive impact such essential organisations have. Getting to enjoy ourselves by getting into the mix ourselves is a great bonus!

From Cricket with North's to Ice Hockey with the Ice Dogs to Footy with the Parramatta Eels, we are eager to continue growing alongside our sports partners.

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