Our Educators

At full Spectrum Education we pride ourselves in the quality and commitment of our staff.

We are passionate about helping your child achieve the highest academic outcomes possible.

Each of our educators have a strong background in the teaching discipline and/or their area of expertise to ensure we can confidently and proudly teach each student.

Founder & Executive Director


Ben has an impeccable education CV. He expects the same high standards from any of his education staff. Ben currently holds a Bachelor of Primary Education, Masters of Behavioural Psychology, and a Masters of Education in addition to multiple education related positions and qualifications.


Our Education Team

Adam Carrinton BA of Education
Ahmad Sarwary BA of Communications & International Studies, MA of Secondary Teaching*
Aleisha Kamsoo BA of Arts, MA of Secondary Teaching
Alicia Evans BA of Science, PhD in Chemistry*
Amila Ralalage BA of Science (Chemistry), GrDip in Chemistry
Andriel Jia BA of Accounting, MA of Teaching
Angus Gray-Weale BA of Science, PhD in Philosophy
Anita Huang BA of Education, BA of Business
Anita Tragaras BA of Secondary Education & Special Education
Ashik Romy BA of Arts, MA of Teaching
Ashika (Shika) Nath BA of Information Systems, GrDip in Education, MA of Education
Ashish Verma BA of Science, MA of Science in Physics & Astrophysics
Ayomide (Peter) Apena BA of Health & Medical Science (Advanced)
Ben Maher BA of Education, MA of Education, MA of Psychology
Bethany Kreymborg BA of Public Health, MA of Teaching*
Bhagye Sadotra BA of Pharmacy, MA of Teaching & Learning
Bruce Lee BA of Commerce, BA of Law, MA of Business Administration, GrDip of Information Technology
Catherine Wilken BA of Education
Cecile Santhaipillai BA of Mathematics, PhD in Statistics
Chris Cheah BA of Science
Christie Chui BA of Criminology
Cristina Bantos Diploma in Western Health Science*
Dale Sharma BA of Education, MA of Science
Daniel Jagannath BA of Education, BA of Arts
Danielle Melfi BA of Criminology & Justice, MA of Teaching and Learning
David Trudinger PhD in History, BA of Arts
David Whatson BA of Naturopathy, GrDip in Science, MA of Information Technology
Eileen (Maree) Matthews BA of Early Childhood Studies, BA of Behavioural Management
Eimear Brosnan BA of Education
Ella Barrett Certificate IV in Visual Art, Certificate IV in Business Management, BA of Arts
Firas Yousif BA of Chemical Engineering, MA of Chemical Engineering
Freezy Johnson BA of Science
Gary Davis Certificate IV in TESOL, BA of Business, GrDip in Education
Gary Williams BA of Applied Science, GrDip in Education
Harsh Tarkar BA of Mechanical Engineering, MA of Mechanical Engineering
Howard Conway BA of Arts, Certificate III in TESOL
Huong (Sue) Tran BA of Business
Ian Wilson BA of Science (Honours)
James Xu BA of Science
Janelle Cameron BA of Education
Jenni Lynch BA of Law, BA of Arts, GrDip in Education, MA of Law
Jessica Lewington BA of Laws (Honours), BA of Secondary Education
Joe Ousby MA of Education, BA of Mathematics
John Clonis BA of Engineering, GrDip in Education
Johnathon Baker BA of Exercise Science, GrDip in Exercise Physiology, GrDip in Education
Josie Broughton BA of Architectural Design, GrDip in Secondary Education
Kanchan Rattnam BA of Education (Honours), PhD in Philosophy
Karen Williams GrDip of Education (Secondary), BA of Science
Katalin Gaal BA of Science, PGrDrip of Environmental Science, MA of Education
Katelyn Peschel BA of Secondary Education, BA of Visual Arts
Kaushik Patel BA of Education
Kenza Benyaich BA of Engineering & Management, BA of Science, MA of Science
Lachlan Dawson GrDip in Education, BA of Business Management
Lachlan Schofield BA of Laws, BA of Secondary Education
Lakshmi Swarup BA of Science, MA of Education, GrDip in Computer Education
Laxita Patel BA of Science, MA of Science, MA of Education & Business Administration*
Lindsay Nash BA of Arts, MA of Teaching & Learning
Mahdi Shahmiri BA of Science (Chemistry), MA of Material Science, PhD in Chemistry
Maria Gadalla BA of Arts, MA of Literature
Melinda Norris BA of Education
Michael Fowler BA of Engineering
Miguel Gonzalez BA of Education
Mitch Thinee BA of Mathematics*
Muskan Gulati BA of Biotechnology
Nagendra Vij BA of Education, BA of Applied Science, MA of Molecular Biology
Naisha Shah BA of Accounting, MA of Accounting
Navindra Pillay BA of Laws, BA of Commerce
Nimrada Silva BA of Biomedical Science
Oliver Godfrey BA of Education Studies
Paris Joannides BA of Applied Science, BA of Education
Peter Hulbert BA of Arts, BA of Education
Pooja Duhan BA of Education, MA of Commerce
Pravagyan (Prav) Bharadwaj BA of Biomedical Science, MA of Occuptational Therapy*
Rafeeka Kamoor BA of Education
Rebecca Sharley BA of Education
Rubab Mohammadi BA of Science, MA of Education*
Sarah Malaxos BA of Education
Scarlett Nguyen BA of Education
Seb Darling BA of Education
Shae Attard BA of Education Studies, MA of Teaching Practice*
Stanley Yer MA of Business Administration, BA of Education
Sudha Ramasamy BA of Commerce, MA of Teaching*
Sue Burvill-Shaw PhD in Education, MA of Education, BA of Education
Talia Meli BA of Sociology & Anthropology
Terrie-Anne Collett BA of Science
Tom Derbyshire MA of Literature, BA of Arts, Certificate IV in TESOL, GrDip in Education
Tony Banks BA of Science, BA of Engineering
Zac Holgate BA of Education, BA of Arts
Zafirah Nur BA of Science, MA of Law*

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