Our Educators

At full Spectrum Education we pride ourselves in the quality and commitment of our staff.

We are passionate about helping your child achieve the highest academic outcomes possible.

Each of our educators have a strong background in the teaching discipline as well as additional qualifications and areas of expertise to ensure we can confidently and proudly teach your child.

Founder - Director of Education


Ben has an impeccable education CV. He expects the same high standards from any of his education staff. Ben currently holds a Bachelor of Primary Education, Masters of Behavioural Psychology, and a Masters of Education in addition to multiple education related positions and qualifications.


Our Education Team

Aaron Himstedt BA of Education
Ai Yamamoto Certificate of Education (Languages)
Ali Mirsepahi PhD in Chemical Engineering, Masters of Teaching & Learning*, Bachelor of Education
Andrea Crandell BA of Education, MA of Special Education
Andrew Lovitt BA of Engineering, GrDip of Science, Masters of Scientific Studies*
Angie Patterson BA of Education
Annemie Hamilton Certificate IV in Property Services, Diploma in Education Services, BA of Education*
Ashleigh Serrano BA of Psychological Science, GrDip in Early Childhood Education & Care
Bernadette Williams BA of Arts, GrDip in Education, Graduate Certificate of Religious Education
Cameron Miller BA of Hotel Management, Certificate IV in Training & Assessment
Catherine Wilken BA of Education
Caz Lewis BA of Education, MA of Education
Charlene Palmer MA of Education, BA of Arts (Japanese), BA of Business
Chris White Diploma in Mortgage Broking, Dip in Financial Services, Dip in Financial Planning, Masters of Business Administration
Claire Linedale MA of Education, BA of Science
Clarke McFarlane BA of Psychology, GrDip in Education*
Coco Bu BA of Education
Dana Lee Certificate of Education
Daniel Jagannath BA of Education, BA of Arts
Danielle Broughton BA of Education
David Dang BA of Health Science (PDHPHE), Masters of Teaching (Secondary)
Dr Anthony Morgan PhD in Surgery, PhD in Medicine (Medical Coach)
Elaina Massie BA of Education, BA of Social Work, Masters of Social Work
Eliza Southwell BA of Arts, Masters of Teaching*
Ella Barrett Certificate IV in Visual Art, Certificate IV in Business Management, BA of Arts
Emma Chapman BA of Science
Firas Yousif BA of Chemical Engineering, Masters of Chemical Engineering
Gaius Eyu BA of Engineering, Masters of Engineering
Gary Davis Certificate IV in TESOL, BA of Business, GrDip in Education
Gary Williams BA of Applied Science, GrDip in Education
Gayanendra Prasad BA of Technology, GrDip in Teaching & Learning
George Amoako BA of Science, Masters of Applied Science, Masters of Magnetic Resonance Technology
Glenn Dsouza BA of Engineering, Masters of Engineering*
Grace Thoni Ogoti BA of Science, Masters of Environmental Science, GrDip in Education
Hannah Swanborough BA of Mathematics
Helen Masselos BA of Applied of Science, GrDip in Education, Masters of Education
Howard Conway BA of Arts, Certificate III in TESOL
Hui Fan (Valery) MA of Education, GrDip in Ed, BA International Tourism & Hotel Management
Ian Wilson BA of Science (Honours)
Jessica Gill BA of Music, GrDip in Education
Joe Ousby MA of Education, BA of Mathematics
Johnathon Baker BA of Exercise Science, GrDip in Exercise Physiology, GrDip in Education
John Clonis BA of Engineering, GrDip in Education
Josh Taylor MA of Law, BA of Law, BA of Arts
Kylie Davenport BA of Arts, Graduate Certificate in TESOL
Kylie Gaudron BA of Arts, GrDip in Education
Lachlan Schofield BA of Laws, BA of Secondary Education
Lauren Stanyer BA of Education
Linda Thomson Certificate IV in TESOL, Diploma of Education
Luanne Pollard BA of Education, Masters of Education
Lynda Oakley BA of Nursing, GrDip in Social Science
Michael Fowler BA of Engineering*
Michelle Sanders BA of Arts, GrDip in Education
Mila Miller MA of Education, BA of Education*
Nagendra Vij BA of Education, BA of Applied Science, Masters of Molecular Biology
Pree Jeewandara BA of Education
Rebecca Guerra BA of Arts
Sabrina Schoenbern BA of Engineering, Masters of Engineering, PHD in Engineering*
Sally Bierman BA of Business, Masters of Education
Sara Haghigi (Samantha Hardy) BA of Mathematics, Masters of Teaching, PHD in Mathematics
Shannon Ichikav BA of Arts
Shehan Athauda BA of Mechnical Engineering (Honours)
Sienna Van Rossum BA of Fine Arts (Honours)
Sue Burvill - Shaw PhD in Education,MA Ed, BA Ed
Sue Hemara BA of Counselling
Sue Holmes BA of Mathematics, BA of Pyschology, GrDip in Education
Suzanne Kamsek MA of Teaching, MA of Arts, BA of Arts
Tara Cooper BA of Arts, BA of Communication, GrDip in Education
Tim Mitchell BA of Science, GrDip of Education
Tina Skilros BA of Education, BA of Child & Family Studies
Tom Derbyshire MA of Literature, BA of Arts, Certificate IV in TESOL, GrDip in Education
Tony Banks BA of Science, BA of Engineering
Tyson Bose BA of Education
Ursula Brown BA of Engineering, Masters of Engineering, Masters of Education*
Zac Gable BA of Education/BA of Arts
Zahid Hassan BA of Education

Our Academic Coaches

Ethan Allen

Numeracy Coach

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