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Most health services focus on a one-size-fits-all model, leaving many who need more tailored support with ill-fitting options. Full Spectrum Health understands that every individual is different & our one-on-one health programs mean we can tailor a solution to suit your individual needs.  We can also suggest options to explore regarding NDIS assistance.

Our expert providers & partners bring with them the experience & knowledge needed to design solutions adapted to any physical or mental considerations our clients have. We can help you achieve the lifestyle you want.

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Program Delivered to You

All of our clients get the benefits of a specially tailored program designed around their specific needs & goals. We implement these programs primarily via one-on-one sessions delivered in your home. Your Health Coordinator will be selected to best fit your chosen servies & work with you to achieve goals & refine your plan on an ongoing basis.

At Full Spectrum Health, our practitioners, facilitators and coordinators are passionate about helping clients achieve their best outcomes in their health journey..

You can rest assured that all of our practitioners:

 Have undergone an extensive applicant process
 Plan and implement strategies using evidence-based practices
 Work in partnership with other health practitioners and Health Management at Full Spectrum Health to provide sessions fit for each and every client
 Have a current Blue Card or Working With Children Check and Police Check through the Queensland Government
 Are registered practitioners that have worked within their sector & hold qualifications making them masters in their field

NDIS Information

The majority of our services are covered by the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). For further information on what the NDIS can provide in relation to our services, please see the NDIS Support Catalogue at:


Our Popular Services

Full Spectrum facilitates a wide range of allied health services. We have fully qualified practitioners with comprehensive understanding and diverse experience  across a wide range of specialties. This allows our team to provide expert care & support for each of our clients, no matter their needs or goals.

Physical Therapies

Getting you back on track

Our physiotherapists come to your home and provide a hands-on, evidence-based treatment using a wide range of techniques including stretching, mobilisation, manipulation & necessary advice that you need for your lifestyle, work and/or sports commitments.

Art & Music Therapies

Supporting mind & body

Our art and music therapists here at Full Spectrum Health will provide fun and interactive sessions with clients of any age, aiming to improve mood, resolve conflicts, improve self-observation skills and give you a sense of personal fulfilment. Our art and music therapies aim to treat trauma, grief, anxiety, addictions and stress.

Personal Training 

Improving strength & flexability

Our personal trainers work with you to plan and implement an exercise or fitness regimen that will help you achieve your goals. Our yoga & pilates instructors provide one-on-one or group sessions for clients of all ages. Our sessions aim to improve muscle strength, balance and flexibility skills.


Exercise physiology
Personal training
Yoga & Pilates
Massage therapy
Diabetes educator

Mental & Emotional

Art therapy Music therapy
Occupational therapy
Speech pathology
Developmental educator

Social integration

Care & support
Rehabilitation counselling

Flexibility Matters

Fitness & Health can be difficult when working around existing conditions. Expert advice & support can provide the boost you need to excel.  We can help you explore alternatives to adapt to:

  • • Constrained Mobility
  • • Constrained Endurance
  • • Mental Health Considerations
  • • Specific Injuries
  • • Chronic Illnesses
& more

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