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At Full Spectrum we strive to integrate our teaching into each student’s wider educational journey. To achieve this, our teaching materials are written to align with state curriculum, the national syllabus & are tailored to suit the content assigned by each school. Our staff are selected & guided by the AITSL Professional Standards for Teachers, providing a solid common framework between our educators & school teachers across Australia. 

Validation & Motivation

Our teaching program is student-centred & our staff often speak with pride as they see their students set, meet & exceed their goals. We find such goals often relate back to their performance in the classroom. Because progress with our educators also delivers that follow-on confirmation at school, our students gain important validation & motivation from not just our educators, but their teachers & peers as well.

We have prominent student cohorts who are attending or have graduated from these headlining schools and more. Below is a snapshot of the growing reach Full Spectrum & its students have achieved.


What is the ACTIVATE program?

Recent studies have produced some concerning statistics regarding student wellbeing. In response, we developed the ACTIVATE program. Our goal is to utilise evidence-based programs to help students create pathways for their futures that will lead to a learning or earning outcome. We aim to ensure that every student feels a sense of achievement, regardless of their circumstances.Get in touch with us if you think that your school could benefit from our ACTIVATE program!

And if they are training to be a star athlete, we will be there every step of the way to support your students in both their education and schooling.

About Our Program

Full Spectrum Education built the ACTIVATE program in partnership with some amazing & well-known talents.

Justin Hodges is our General Manager of Wellbeing & Community for the ACTIVATE program. We’re extremely glad to be working with somebody so passionate about helping others and making an impact on the next generation!

Justin is an Australian professional boxer and former rugby league player. He played rugby in the 2000s and 2010s for the Brisbane Broncos before moving onto the Sydney Roosters. His skills and life experience helped to build the ACTIVATE program into what it is today!

Alongside Justin, our Community Ambassadors inspire students & provide the genuine drive & commitment needed to achieve results.

Developing Potential

Our FLOURISH Development System is based on leading international research. It draws extensively from the field of positive psychology and features 8 wellbeing domains that have been identified by leading researchers in this field as being key components to mental health and wellbeing for all. These researchers include, but are not limited to, Keyes, Huppert & So, Diener et al. and Seligman et al. Research that validates the work that we are advocating and implementing within schools, and the importance of prioritising and measuring student wellbeing.

The ACTIVATE program takes this research out of the journals & into the classroom where it needs to be to get results.

Demonstrated Outcomes

Following comprehensive consultations with participating schools, we discovered a startling result: out of every 10 students grappling with well-being challenges, schools were previously only aware of 6. This underscores a substantial disparity between help-seeking behaviours and the recognition of well-being requirements.

The ACTIVATE program delivers a cohesive, evidence-based program to equip students with the tools they need to thrive.

Our Students

This program helped me so much, it was really good and it honestly changed my mindset so much. Great people and very comfortable to talk to about anything. Really helped me change my mindset. Honestly worth the $$$ to get yourself into this program. Really really good.
Diya Mohammad Student
“With the help of Full Spectrum Education I can proudly say I now receive some of the highest marks in my class ranging from 80% - 95%. With the support of Full Spectrum Education, I feel as though I understand more than ever before and would recommend their services to anyone who is struggling with school.”
Wesley Vogels Student
“Full Spectrum encouraged and guided me through self motivation techniques and study techniques to enable me to study efficiently. These techniques enabled me to stay focused during the external exam period which would have been difficult if not for the techniques he shared with me.”
Anastasia Yala Student
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