Community Participation

The schools & educational organisations we work with are critical to both ensuring our enrolled students excel & building up the education space as a whole.
 Racing 4 Significance uses the excitement of drag racing to bring understanding to teenagers the difference between a road and a race track and why it is smarter to Race on the Strip and be Safe on the Street.

Not-for-profit organisations like Racing 4 Significance are a great example of education in the community having a critical & lasting impact.

Activating Connections 

As we reach out & collaborate with community organisations, education initiatives schools & businesses, we are able to create new opportunities by bringing some of our wonderful friends together. Our community partners have valuable insights which can be transformed into engaging & uplifting opportunities for students by utilising the connections we have developed. The ACTIVATE program is our most recent innovation in the education space. Head on over to our schools page to explore the details.

Life Long Learning

 We are proud of the workshops & programs Full Spectrum Education has facilitated as part of our collaborations in the education space.

 Supporting & facilitating high achievement programs like Windaroo State High's GTek program is just one of the many ways we are working to enhance the education space.

  If you think one of our workshops or partner organisations can help you, reach out any time via our contact form.

Developing STEM skills

As the complexity of our world increases an integrated approach through each stage of schooling is critical. Our STEM professional development workshop provides teachers & educational organisations with the skills they need to prepare students for the complex demands of the modern world.
Our development day at Glenella State School explored the many ways primary schools can give young students a head start on the STEM skills they will need as they head into high school.  Watch the video to learn more.

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