Methods/Specialist Bundle Units 1 & 2, Staying In Touch Workbooks With Solutions (eBook)

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Make your study easy as π with this bundle of our Staying In Touch eBooks for the hardest senior mathematic courses – Mathematics Methods and Mathematics Specialist. Utilise the overlap between the courses with these workbooks, using them to level up your Methods study or revisit in Specialist. As you work through Units 1 & 2, use the added worked solutions to help you elevate your problem solving.


This eBook is available for download in PDF format and is based on the current QCAA Mathematics curriculum. Please make sure your email is correct when placing an order.

About the Author

Joe Ousby has been a mathematics teacher for 45 years, holding a Double Degree in Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics from the University of Sydney as well as a Masters in Math Education from QUT. Joe has taught in NSW, Singapore and QLD and is extremely passionate about helping children reach their learning goals when it comes to mathematics. Joe has been a teacher with Full Spectrum Education for almost four years and this eBook was born as he discovered there was a lack of resources available for advanced Year 9 and 10 students wanting to progress to higher mathematics as their studies continued.

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