Parents and guardians across the globe are reeling in the news that the education of their children now rests in their hands. Although schools are rapidly working to move their classes online, what students really need in this time is support from the people they can see in real life, while ensuring they are still working toward their learning goals.


Online Learning Resources to Support At-Home Education

We at Full Spectrum Education beleive in taking proactive steps to adapt to new chalenges & we know a lot of our clients feel the same way. In response to the ongoing COVID-19 situation many parents are looking for ways to ensure their child's education receives a minimum of disruption. One such way is to access some of the vast array of learning material available online. Finding learning resources can be a challenge, the volume of material is overwhelming & deciding which material is best is difficult. To help with this we have prepared a blog post design to point parents in the right direction when they’re attempting to support their children over the coming weeks and months.

It’s official – Australian schools have closed and are making the transition to online learning. Although the current line from the Government is that school will recommence at the beginning of Term 2, that reality is looking more and more unlikely with each passing day in these uncertain times. Regardless of the eventuality, it is important to prepare for the circumstance that schools are indefinitely postponed, with education then falling in the hands of the parents.


YMCA Teen Fit!

Together with YMCA Jamboree Heights, our students are building confidence and self-esteem through physical activity. Well done! The Teen Fit program is just one of the excellent programs run by our friends at YMCA Jamboree Heights. Physical health has a tremendous impact on students learning & happiness. You have to take care of yourself across a full spectrum to achieve your best, which is why we value student fitness so strongly.

If you are attending sessions at our Learning centre or just happen to be in the area we fully recommend checking out what else is on offer at YMCA Jamboree Heights.

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