Just Released!

Get ready for Mathematics Methods with this brand-new eBook, Staying In Touch Mathematics Methods. As the name suggests, this eBook of questions based on the QCAA curriculum will help keep you in touch with what is needed to succeed in this senior mathematics course. As you work through Units 1 & 2 of Mathematics Methods content from algebra to trigonometry, the accompanying Solutions eBook will provide step-by-step solutions to help you understand how to elevate your problem solving. This eBook is available for download in PDF format and is based on the current 2020 QCAA Mathematics Methods curriculum.

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Teacher Of the Month- Zoe Taylor

It's Teacher of the Month time! 

We would love to congratulate Zoe Taylor for taking home the title this past month. Zoe teaches P-12 with a special focus on English and Humanities.

Her vibrant personality in sessions reflects simply how much she loves helping her students reach their learning goals and we are so grateful to have her as part of the FSE team.

Thank you for all that you do for us Zoe!

2,000 Students!

Let's kick this week off with some awesome news - Full Spectrum Education has officially had over 2,000 students through the door! This is an incredible milestone for us and helping this number of students is why we started FSE in the first place. Our ethos of We don't tell them what to do. We teach them how to do it" means that these 2,000 children and young adults are carrying not just exam knowledge with them, but life skills as well We have helped students all across QLD from the Sunshine to the Gold Coast, and more recently in Victoria and NSW  

Full Spectrum Education Podcast - Mat Bishop

This week's episode of the Full Spectrum Education podcast is for all our entrepreneurial/economics/business students out there - why did one of the biggest names in QLD construction decide to change the game and how did he do it? 🤔 This season of the podcast is hosted by Mat Bishop from AJ Grant Group and BuildPro eComm. Mat is giving out his stories and advice in bucketloads so make sure you're tuning in every week to get the inside info ⚡

Story Time with Peta

It's time for this week's #StorytimeWithPeta 📖 Today, Peta reads us ‘The Very Super Bear’ and ‘The Very Cranky Bear’ by Nick Bland, transporting us back to our younger days filled with teddies 🧸 Remember - these storytimes aren't just for the little ones! Reading picture books is one of the best ways to relax and re-engage with your inner child. So, pop this on for the whole family and get your entertainment from somewhere other than Netflix ✨ Full Spectrum Education does not own the material read in this video. This content is for entertainment purposes only.

Full Spectrum Education Podcast - Mat Bishop

Welcome to the first episode of season 9 of the Full Spectrum Education Podcast ⚡ This season is hosted by Mat Bishop of AJ Grant Group & BuildPro Ecomm. Mat is going to share his experiences of working in business and eCommerce in a rapidly changing world 💰 Full Spectrum Education is about education in any and every sense. We encourage everyone to listen weekly to see what they can learn! This season is perfect for anyone who has an eye for business and commerce and is interested in being motivated by one of the best 🌿 Website: | Facebook: @fullspectrumeducation Instagram: @fullspectrumeducation

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