Winter School Holiday Workshops!

Winter School Holiday Workshops!

Full Spectrum Education’s Holiday Workshops provide a range of programs for students of all abilities and ages to develop their skills, interests and creativity.  Our programs include Anti-Bullying & Conflict Resolution, Mathematics and Creative Writing.

Our workshops focus on developing skills that give your child a head start in TERM 3 and meet curriculum goals…and beyond!   Boost your child’s results, maximise their school performance and help them reach their full potential. 

Below is a description of each school holiday workshop. 


For students aged 13-18 years

Date: Sunday 30th June 2019

The Anti-Bullying and Conflict Resolution workshop runs over one day and will help students deal with real life challenges.  Students will be actively guided through a process to help them identify, prevent, and intervene in face-to-face bullying and cyber-bullying situations. 

Our workshop will be delivered by a nationally recognised martial arts instructor, business and sports coach who is dedicated to building resilience, confidence and self-esteem in young people.


For students in Grade 10 -12

Dates: Monday 1st July 2019 - Tuesday 2nd July 2019

The Mathematics Workshop is run over 2 days and aims to support students to develop their understanding of the new QCE syllabus content.  The objective is to maximise student’s success and motivate them to achieve their highest possible ATAR.

Our workshop is delivered by a member of the QCAA syllabus writing team and will give students the opportunity to ask questions, offer fresh insights into subject concepts and will be a valued addition to the learning within the classroom. 


For students in Years 10 – 12

Dates: Thursday 4th July 2019 - Friday 5th July 2019

The Creative Writing Workshop is run over 2 days and aims to excite and inspire students with a passion for story writing.  Our focus is to develop students writing skills by providing them with an in depth understanding of the writing process from initial planning through to the final edit. 

Our workshop is delivered by a successful creative writer and published author who will inspire our students to create a deeper understanding of character, settings, events and relationships in order to create powerful and engaging writing. 

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