What Makes FSE Different?

Full Spectrum Education is an individualised, one-on-one teaching company that empowers our students to reach their full potential. We started Full Spectrum Education with the mindset that we could effectively influence and raise the standard of education services. This has been achieved by understanding the individual needs of each student before considering the best approach to pursue for that child’s learning.

No, we are not a “tutoring company”.

Regardless of achievement level, every student will benefit from our teaching. We have a robust team of registered teachers that have worked within Education Queensland, Catholic Education and Independent Private Schools. Each teacher we hire has a current QCT (Queensland College of Teachers) Check or Blue Card and we ensure all our teachers undergo an extensive induction and training process.  Full Spectrum Education is a proud member of the Australian Tutoring Association.

Our team’s experience in Education Queensland has allowed us to gain a strong understanding of how each student learns and how we can create the ideal learning environment and experience for every student.

With Full Spectrum Education, parents should not just expect academic improvement! We work on skills that will also boost the students in personal, social and behavioural environments, encouraging them to work more efficiently, effectively and confidently.

Full Spectrum Education was established with the understanding that every student has individual requirements that need to be met in order to improve their grades, social skills and study abilities. For this reason, Full Spectrum Education is unlike any competing educational organisation. We craft learning plans specifically suited to the child's learning style and curriculum so the experience is truly personalised.

We can guarantee that our team of passionate educators are effectively matched to each student to ensure the optimal enjoyment of their journey and best results. Here at Full Spectrum Education, we believe that our role as educators is to help students surpass their own expectations of what they believe they can achieve.

If your child would benefit from individualised, one-on-one education with a qualified teacher, get in touch with Full Spectrum Education to organise a free consultation.

Website: www.fsedu.com.au | info@fsedu.com.au
Facebook: @fullspectrumeducation
Instagram: @fullspectrumeducation

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