What Exactly IS A Syllabus?

What Exactly IS A Syllabus?

If you have a child at school, you’ve more than likely heard the term “syllabus” thrown around. However, unless you have a background in teaching, you probably are a bit unsure of what exactly a syllabus is.

A syllabus is, in fact, a very helpful document for students and parents as well as teachers. Overall, a syllabus communicates information set out by the Education authority of the state that narrows down the scope from the country’s/state’s curriculum. In short, it tells you exactly what is being expected of a child at any given level in any given course.

Syllabuses are available for download from all Education Boards. In QLD, this is the QCAA, and you are able to filter by year and subject and download the relevant documents to you.

Once you put aside all the teaching jargon, you are able to really get down into what is being expected of your child. For example, if you are confused as to why your child is getting film-watching homework from their English teacher, you can jump onto the syllabus and see the expectation that a student in English knows how to analyse film.

Having syllabuses on hand is helpful for a parent to know exactly where their child is sitting in terms of understanding the content they are required to know, but it can also help students. By going through a syllabus, children can create their own personal “checklists” to ensure they know what they need to as a form of study or revision.

There is a definite lack of communication regarding expectations, especially in high school, so take the worry out of it all and download the relevant syllabuses to make sure you’re all on the same page.

For an even better advantage, partner this action with a teacher from FSE that can help go through expectations with yourself and your child. Help them reach their learning goals and leave school with the confidence and ability that they can achieve.


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