What Are Learning Gaps?

We often hear the word ‘leaning gap’.  When a child is struggling to understand content or falls behind in academic areas, we refer to learning gaps as a reason why they are having trouble in the classroom.  But what exactly are learning gaps and how do we fix them and get our students back on the right track?

Generally speaking, learning gap refers to the relative performance of individual students—i.e., the disparity between what a student has actually learned and what he or she is expected to learn at a particular age or year level.

One of the more consequential features of learning gaps is their tendency, if left unaddressed, to build up over time and become more severe, which can increase the chances that a student will struggle academically.  Often a child loses confidence at school and as they progress through their education, repairing learning gaps tends can become more difficult.  Part of the cycle that can occur when a child has gaps in their learning is the reluctance to ask questions because they are afraid of what their peers will think. 

One-on-one education is an ideal solution for those students who are dealing with learning gaps.  It allows teachers to make a connection with their students in a way that is tailored to their needs.  Teaching programs aim to build confidence so they can ask questions and clarify their understanding.  As every child has an individual learning style and pace, sometimes all it takes is that one “a-ha!” moment for a child to be excited by working out a problem, giving them a desire to learn more .


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