Ways To Prepare Your Child To Head Back To The Classroom

And just like that, we are back to normal. Well, sort of. "Normal" these days might be a bit different to what we are used to, and students will more than likely find this experience a bit challenging as they head back to face-to-face learning.

Although some students have already made the leap back to the classroom, the majority of Australians students have still been tackling online learning. Now, they are ready to make the switch offline.

The move to online education was abrupt and extremely unprecedented. We must give kudos to both the teachers and students for how they so quickly adapted to a new form of learning and teaching, but now the tables have turned again. So what can we as parents and carers do to help prepare our children to head back?

Get Familiar With The Syllabus & Curriculum

Knowing the outcomes expected of your child can make a huge difference to their overall learning. All too often, we see parents leave the entirety of a child's education to the school without knowing what they will be assessed on, and this can be detrimental at times. Simply heading to the QCAA website (or whatever state you live in's education board) and find the syllabuses and expected outcomes for your child, so you can be across what is expected of them. This way, you can see if they are ahead/behind/on track with the learning they have been doing at home.

Get Routine Back ASAP

Kids love routine. They may tell you otherwise, but their brains are hardwired to thrive in structure. Sure, they'll complain that they need to get up earlier because they can't simply roll out of bed to their computer and begin their school day, but once this adjustment period is over, they will thank you (maybe silently) for encouraging their old routine and habits to return. To make the transition back to school easier, make their favourite breakfast and maybe get them some new stationery to get them excited to return to the classroom.

Let Them Be Social

For most students, this return to school will be like the beginning of a school year. They have missed their friends after being in lockdown for so long, and it's important to let them blow off some social steam by hanging out with their mates. Make sure they refill their social bucket as they head back to school so they can return to a sense of normalcy sooner rather than later.

Returning to anywhere after a long absence can be difficult and sometimes bring anxiety. Do your best to remain calm and patient with your child as they get used to their old routine again and before you know it, things will be easier.

If your child requires some extra assistance outside the classroom, get in contact with Full Spectrum Education where you can find individualised, one-on-one education for your child to help them achieve their learning goals.

For more information about individualised, one-on-one education that can help your child's success check out our education pages on this site.

Written by Ben Maher - Founder and Director of Education at Full Spectrum Education

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