The Full Spectrum Triangle

Here at Full Spectrum Education, we are so much more than traditional tutoring. There are many reasons for this - our one-on-one learning sessions with qualified educators, our own literature that we make (visit our shop!) and our ability to provide matching of educators to students. However, one of the biggest ways we find ourselves sticking out from the rest is what we call our FSE Triangle. 

So, what is this triangle?

This triangle shows our three tiers that all of our educators utilise to ensure your child's success. Let's take a look at what all the levels are and how they benefit your learner!

Soft Skills
Our "soft skills" portion is one of the most important things to our educators here at FSE. Soft skills include socioemotional growth and development, time management and more. We encourage all our sessions to include soft skills at the base of what we do, as there is so much more to learning than what is in a textbook. 

Study Skills
Second up is our education on study skills. From learning how to revise, conquer the questions asked by state departments, acing entrance exams for private schools and university and time management with study schedules, it is important for your student to have a handle on what works for them in the study environment.

Subject Matter
Now we are at the peak of our triangle - subject matter! Here is where we get into the nitty gritty of the curriculum and matter that needs to be understood to pass certain courses. This is the just the top of the iceberg, and although extremely important, not the entirety of what education is. 

A combination of all three of these areas is what sets FSE apart from traditional tutoring - we are an education company!

If your child would benefit from individualised, one-on-one education, please get in touch!

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