The Difference Between an Assessment and an Assignment

The Difference Between an Assessment and an Assignment

Every school has a unique method of setting work, tasks and assessing the level their students are at, but mostly these tests come in the forms of an assessment or an assignment. However, the difference between the two of these can be hard to spot - both receive task sheets, both can usually be worked on at home, they can contain some of the same content. So, how do we tell the difference and how can this help your child?

The Assignment

So, your child has come home brandishing an assignment task sheet. What does this mean exactly? An assignment is all in the name; it is the act of assigning. It is an allocation of a task or set of tasks that are marked and graded for the report card (but does not have to be). The purpose of an assignment is to give your child a more comprehensive understanding of the topic being studied and can include questions, long-form writing tasks or a more tactile and interactive activity. An assignment is usually completed at home and submitted to the school after a certain period.

The Assessment

An assessment may not come in a much different form to the assignment, but they are usually considered more important. This is because an assessment is the act of assessing the progress of your child. The assessment may be a take-home task, an exam/test, speech or something more hands-on. An assessment can be both in-class or at home. Usually, your child will get an assessment notification that is given approximately 2 weeks before the assessment is due. Particularly for Year 12s, assessments are incredibly important as they contribute to their overall internal mark.

Why It Is Important To Know The Difference

With this information, you are now able to help your child prioritise their work. Although the tasks given can look similar, knowing the weighted importance of both can help you help them to plan out when they will complete these tasks.

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Written by Ben Maher - Founder and Director of Education at Full Spectrum Education

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