The Benefits of School Holiday Tutoring

“Do something today that your future self will thank you for”

End of term breaks are a time when your child can clear their head, relax and stretch their brains in different ways. However, letting study routines slip means your child is missing out of a huge opportunity to get ahead. 

Studies have shown that learners, particularly young children, display a dip in their academic abilities after extended holiday periods.  Upon returning to school, children are expected to continue on the same,if not higher level, however, teachers speak of a noticeable backslide in all subjects.

Having your child do some school holiday tutoring has some BIG advantages.

1. Revision – build up their confidence

During the school holidays, children don’t have the constant onslaught of new content coming in from their teachers every day, which makes it the perfect time to organise the notes from the previous 10 weeks of learning. Doing some revision during the holidays, will help your child feel confident about themselves before going back to school.  If they believe they have learned and improved during the school break, it will give them self-confidence and an assured head start for the term.   

2. You're on holiday - your brain isn't

When children are on a break, they are no longer working their brain at full capacity all day, every day. The brain acts just like a muscle and needs regular exercise to keep working at its best.  Just as when you stop working out at the gym for a few weeks and you drop back your fitness levels, it takes time to get back to the level you were once at. Doing  tutoring throughout the break, allows your child to keep their brain active and helps stay accustomed to working on problems, meaning when they return to school, they’ll be the first in their class to pick up where they left off.

3. Routine - continue the momentum 

We all know how important routines are for children.  They help your child feel safe and develop self-disciple. Getting back into the learning routine can be hard after an extended break, so school holiday tutoring makes the transition to the new school term an easy one. 

4. Get prepared, get ahead

School holiday tutoring picks up where the classroom left off.  For most high school year levels, each student will have a good idea of what is coming up next term across their subjects.  Our teachers can help your child plan out the term ahead which will reduce stress levels and make study, and assignments, a much easier task next term.

5. Learning is fun!

We believe that learning should be a fun and engagement process which helps your child develop a lifelong love of learning.  School holiday tutoring lets your child learn without the pressure of doing well just for the mark they receive. 

Remember that learning empowers so let’s give our children the opportunity to reach their full potential and make the school holidays count.  If your child needs extra support to get ahead these holidays, we're here to help.  

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