School Free Days Learning!

It doesn’t matter what subjects you study at school or what you want to do when you are finished school, developing a good habit of learning is an essential tool for success. There are no holidays from learning! Think of each school break (or School Free Day) as an opportunity for you to polish and refine your repertoire of skills and to build yourself into the best version of yourself you can be.

Strategy One

Keep up your lessons with your Full Spectrum Teacher. Perhaps ask for a problem buster session on an issue that you feel has been holding you back. This might be more effective paragraphing, operating with negative numbers, or responding to music or art in a more sophisticated manner. 

Strategy Two

Go online to learn a new skill at some of the best Universities in the world!

Coursera is a free online learning course offered by the most famous universities in the world. A highly recommended beginner’s course is:

Learning to Learn

This course claims to help you to develop strategies to Turbo-charge your learning, and will work as a great complement to your everyday school work and support learning with your Full Spectrum Teacher! The strategies taught here can be applied across all curricular areas. It includes useful Test Taking Tips. These will be of great use for NAPLAN, QCST and Year Twelve external End of year Exams.

While courses cover all subjects from Music, Art, Science, Mathematics, Coursera’s claim is that “The courses focus on deep conceptual understanding and mastery, rather than just learning a skill”. Courses can be completed in under a week. Go online and find your Coursera course now!

Strategy Three

Read! Read! And then read some more! Find a spot outside where you can soak up some sun (vitamin D is great for the brain) and fresh air. Read a paper book or magazine and take a break from the computer screen. Get comfy and read something to expand your mind. A well written magazine such as Time, National Geographic, or Empire, is a great start, if you are not sure of your reading tastes. These are readily available at most libraries. A great list of other well written magazines can be found at

Our next blog will consider more Strategies for using School Free Time to build a more improved, more actualised you! 

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