How Years 11 & 12 Can Make Up Lost Ground From COVID-19

It’s no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought in an unprecedented era of online learning and education. All years and study levels were forced dramatically and suddenly to navigate a world previously unknown to them, and all of their education was digitised.

Although most education facilities did a relatively decent job with the transition, there is still a concern for our senior students that they have missed out on essential coursework and will be at a loss when it comes to final assessments and external exams. This is not the case! There are a range of things any senior student can do to ensure they are making up any lost ground and achieve the learning goals they set out to at the beginning of 2020.

Print Out The Syllabus

This might sound like a “too-easy” tip, but printing out a physical copy of a subject syllabus (available from the QCAA website) and highlighting the key learning outcomes can be of enormous benefit to any student. If they are looking for a cheat sheet – the syllabus is it!

Practice Papers

A tip as old as time, but doing practice papers is a sure-fire way to make sure any student is prepared for upcoming exams and assessments. The QCAA website also holds a range of extra resources, including top-scoring papers from past students.

External Assistance

If it is too daunting to catch up on these last few months alone, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Send emails to teachers, engage with online forums or hire a teacher that can help your child reach their learning goals.

For more information about individualised, one-on-one education that can help your child's success check out our education pages on this site.

Written by Ben Maher - Founder and Director of Education at Full Spectrum Education

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