School Holidays are Here!

How To Utilise School Holiday Time

It feels like we were just on holidays thanks to COVID-19 and online schooling, but the first week of mid-year holidays is already upon us. You may be wondering how best to utilise this time to help your child reach their learning goals, so here are some tips on how to get the most out of this time!

Create Structure & Routine

Just because there is no school doesn't mean your child should give up their structure. Children thrive off routine so give them a basic daily outline of things to achieve. If this is as simple as "getting out of bed before 1pm" - that's okay! Creating a routine for your child will help them readjust when they do go back to school and not start the term feeling sluggish and unmotivated.

Give Them A Break!

Although online school was definitely a holiday for some students, most found the transition to learning online quite challenging. Give your child a well-deserved break by filling their days with fun, social activities that will help them recharge their batteries for the latter half of the school year.

Learning Activities - Education Doesn't Have To Be Boring!

This tip is especially for primary students but is definitely still relevant for high schoolers. Making learning fun and engaging is critical for retention of topics, so mix it up and get your children involved in games, activities and puzzles to help keep their brain stimulated over the break. Try and opt for offline activities, and get them playing cards, board games, outdoor adventures, cooking - anything that can teach them life skills, time management or bolster their understanding of content (e.g. making slime = science understanding).

Written by Ben Maher - Director of Education | Full Spectrum Education

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