How To Select Elective Subjects

How To Select Elective Subjects

It is the time of year when most students from years 8 – 10 are beginning to choose their elective classes for 2021 (where has the time gone?!) and this can be a completely overwhelming task, to say the least. We have asked some of our qualified teachers to help define what exactly electives are and how to choose the best for success.

What is an elective?

An elective class is an additional subject to the core learning classes (English, Maths, Science, Humanities, Health) that helps each student narrow down their learning at school. Although every school offers a unique range of classes, the main electives offered are usually Art, Drama, Music, Languages, Design and extension lessons. When it gets down to it, they are a range of subjects that are designed to enhance the learning experience in the classroom.

How should my child pick an elective?

The most important thing in picking electives is that your child focuses on what they truly enjoy. Any subject they have interest in will inherently allow them to perform better and from that, give them more opportunity.

In addition to this (although they go very hand-in-hand), they should choose what they are good at. Is your child a natural on the piano? Let them do music!

You can also use what they want to do in the future as a guide. For example, if they want to be a doctor, the more science-based subjects might fit them best.

Overall… get them to follow their gut. Especially in the years under 11 and 12, there is no reason for your student to not be enjoying themselves at school! Learning is a fun process and should be a pleasurable thing to do.

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