How To Prepare For Mathematics Methods

One of the questions our teachers get asked constantly is how exactly do you prepare for one of QLD's hardest maths courses, Mathematics Methods? Well, don't worry! We're here with the top three ways you can prepare yourself as an advanced Year 9 or 10 student planning to take Maths Methods in your senior years. 

Familiarise Yourself
Knowing the content is key for Maths Methods, so make sure you're preparing yourself by heading to the QCAA website and downloading the subject syllabus. By reading through this ahead of time, you'll be able to get to know the names of concepts so they're not as unfamiliar when you begin your classes. You can find the syllabus and practice exams here:

Level Up Your Skills
Make sure you know the basics by using a tool such as the Staying In Touch, Mathematics Methods Units 1 & 2 eBook with Solutions. With its step-by-step guide of how to answer the curriculum's questions, revising using this eBook will place you ahead when it comes to the Methods course. 

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Enlist Help
Methods is by far one of the hardest math courses for senior students out there, so don't be afraid to ask for help from people around you. If your parents or family are mathematically-minded, ask them to review your homework. You can ask your teachers for extra help in lunchtime or utilise the study help most schools offer. If you really want to give yourself an unfair advantage, getting yourself an out-of-school teacher can really elevate your understanding and marks. 

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