How To Encourage Reading In Primary Students

How To Encourage Reading In Primary Students

As the MS Readathon is in full swing this month, we thought it would be beneficial to put together our top tips on how to encourage reading in reluctant readers.

Make It Fun

Pick books they actually want to read! Don’t forget there’s a whole world of literature out there – find the exact genre that speaks to your child and go from there. Remember you can also read comics, anime, listen to audiobooks, read non-fiction and fiction… the list is endless. Visit your local library and pick up some of your child’s favourites and when they love them, read the entire collection from the author. It’s all about finding out what they like!

Make It Easy

Put the books next to their bed so they can read them before they sleep. Put eBooks on their iPads. In short, make reading accessible and easy for your child. If they have to get up, go to a bookshelf, find a book… see? They’ve already lost interest! Make it easy for them and reap the reward of having a young reader.

Make It Rewardable

If your child needs a little extra persuasion, gamify reading! Give them a chart or a scoreboard and offer them a reward at the end of each book. As long as the reward isn’t technology-based (to steer them away from reading again), this is a sure-fire way to keep up the habit.

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