How To Create The Perfect Study Environment

How To Create The Perfect Study Environment

This term is a tough one. With COVID delaying some mid-year exams to Term 3 and Year 12 Externals rapidly approaching, it is the time to be considering the best way to make study successful.

Creating the right environment for revision and work is a critical factor in successful study. There are many ways to make this happen and every study situation is unique to the learner, but here are some of our favourite tips to make sure your space is not just there for you to work, but is working for you too.

Tidy Space, Tidy Mind

This is a no-brainer; work in a tidy space! Even if you don’t realise it, clutter can impede your ability to focus and think clearly. Just make sure you don’t get sucked into the trap of procrastination cleaning! Set a few minutes aside at the end of every study session to tidy your desk for the following day. Then, when you sit down again, you’ll have no distractions and you’ll be ready to go.

Have Everything You Need

This one might be a bit simple, but there’s nothing more annoying than sitting down to work and then having to get up a hundred times because you forgot your charger, your pens or your calculator. Before you begin to work, check off all the things you need in your head and make sure you have them on hand.

Minimise Distractions

This is arguably one of the hardest things to do during studying, but it is essential you are working without distraction. Shut your door, turn off your phone, block the websites you don’t want to visit. Don’t work in the same room as your Xbox. Simply just seeing the distraction, i.e. your phone on your desk, will set off your brain to “just check it”, and next thing you know you’ve been on TikTok for 6 hours. Do yourself a favour and put all distractions out of sight, out of mind.

Create An Atmosphere

Now you’re all ready to study, make is nice for yourself! Light a candle, grab a cuppa and listen to some music. Try to listen to music with as little words as possible (so you won’t get overloaded as you study). We would recommend our FSE Study Session Spotify Playlist, that has everything from LoFi to Classical to get those brainwaves going.

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