From Year 11 to Year 12 – How To Succeed In Your Final Year

The time has come – Year 11s have officially commenced their final year of school. It’s not very well-known, but there are actually only three terms of Year 11 and four terms of Year 12, with all assessments counting for current Year 12s from now.

Don’t be concerned by how daunting that sounds! We promise that although it may not be smooth sailing all the time, it is definitely possible to not just complete your final year, but succeed as well. Let’s show you how!

Know The System

Failure in understanding the system is the first thing we find in children that are struggling in their final years. By understanding what the course and schooling system is expecting from you, you are able to see beyond the stress of the assessments and assignments in the moment. Beyond choosing what counts for ATAR, QCE points, for most subjects (ATAR) you will have three internal assessments (IA1,2 & 3) that are set and marked by the school, and then one external exam that is set and marked by the QCAA. The weight of these depends on the subject – most Math & Science is 50% split internal and external, and most English & Humanities are 75% internal and 25% external.

Understand The Curriculum & Syllabus

Get even more specific – head to the QCAA website and download everything you can on your subjects. Learn the syllabus, the key words they are after, their expectations of what you need to know. Do some practice papers and get comfortable with how they word their questions.

Head Down!

It’s one year, and then you’re done forever! You can knuckle down for one year, we promise you. Just put in the work now and you will be reaping the rewards in the years to come. See it as a test run for your university/TAFE life (or anything you choose to do after school!). You wouldn’t go for your P plates without driving first, would you? It’s the same here, except having your Ps is life.

It’s Okay To Ask For Help

Don’t feel like you need to do it all by yourself! Help is always around, from your parents to teachers, friends and siblings. You can borrow and buy study guides, look up forums online, even doing a quick google search can help. There are so many people and resources available to help you succeed, so put them to good use! Hiring a professional educator for this final year might be exactly what you need to get you moving, so don’t hesitate to ask for help when you need it. You never know what you might find!

Good luck, Year 12! This time next year, it’ll all be worth it!

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