Creating Structure For Distance Education

As we know, school has moved online for the foreseeable future. Each learning institution is handling the situation differently, using a combination of email, school uploading platforms, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, OneNote... the list is endless. Most students are relatively tech-savvy, so utilising these platforms won't be an issue for them or something they will need help from their parent or guardian with. What they do need help with is the nemesis of all young people - structure.

If you have a child that thrives off structure and wants to have one, then count yourself lucky! Most children and teenagers will do anything to get out of a given structure, as it's in their nature to rebel against constraints. That said, structure is of critical importance, now more than ever.

Why Do I Need To Give My Child Structure For School At Home? Won't The School Do That?
Well... sort of. It depends on the school. A lot of schools are requiring their students to log on at regular class times, but that is as far as some of them go. Even then, students are not contained to a classroom environment where they are able to concentrate more efficiently. It is up to you to provide that safe space and structure for them to complete their tasks.

Finding The Right Structure For You

Finding structure for yourself and your child in a format that works is paramount. If this means your child logs on for the day and then uses their own structure as they work through their classes, then that's great. You need to sit down with your child and listen to what they want, then incorporate those wants into the day including the work that they need to do. Now more than ever, they need to feel supported and heard.

Things To Include

  • regular breaks
  • time outside
  • exercise
  • interactive learning i.e. cooking
  • time for explicit learning AND time for bookwork

Sourced from: Distance Education Centre Victoria

Education online can be difficult for any learner. If you are in need of assistance, contact where we can provide individualised, one-on-one education via face-to-face or online sessions that can boost your student's learning in this difficult time.

Written by Ben Maher - Founder and Director of Education at Full Spectrum Education 

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