April 2018 - Our Autumn Program

We believe in the ‘whole child’ - Mind and Body. Successful learning is more than just sitting in front of books or computer screens.

That’s why we’ve just introduced our ‘How to be Successful Program’.

Our experience shows that if we build a child’s confidence, we build their success rate across all facets of life.

Bad grades can be a result of a poor belief in their ability and their logic process. Especially in subjects like Math and Science. It’s a vicious circle - poor ability leads to poor grades leads to lower self confidence leads to poor grades leads to lower self confidence - and on it goes.

Our new ‘How to be Successful Program’ aims to break this cycle with a mixture of health and educational training.

These are some of the benefits our students can expect:

  • Improved mood and decreases in, and prevention of, anxiety and depression
  • Improved self-image, social behaviour, goal orientation and self-efficacy
  • Overall enhanced physical, mental and psychosocial health that contributes  to learning ability

Confidence is the key to success - in any endeavour.

It’s another asset to give your child that ‘unfair advantage’.

Talk to us today about our self confidence program.

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Testimonial Tuesday

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