An Interview with a Teacher

Parent teacher interviews are usually held at the beginning of Semester Two to maximise the time a student has to improve. While it is usual for parents to attend, it is probably more effective if older students can also attend, as it is they who must implement the advice offered. If your older student did not attend recent parent teacher interviews, it would be very useful if he or she approached his or her teacher themselves. This is particularly important if they are in Senior grades.

Although it may seem difficult, one of the best ways a student can effectively focus his or her efforts to improve, is to sit down and discuss his or her work with his or her teacher. This is best done early in the term, but is also useful just before assessment items are due.

Advice to Students on Approaching your teacher.

At a time when your teachers is moving around the classroom helping students, put your hand up to ask a question. When he or she comes over, simply ask if you might ask a question at the conclusion of the class.

After most students have left, explain that you’d like to discuss how you might improve in the subject. Ask if there is a convenient time to meet to discuss this. (Have a few alternative times in mind- lunch? After or before school?). Ensure you record the agreed place and time.

At the Meeting:

Go prepared with a pen and paper, and these questions:

Begin by thanking your teacher for their time!

  1. Does your teacher think there has been any improvement in your work so far?

(This will help you identify strategies you may have used which have been working)

  1. What areas of your work and assessment need most improvement?
  2. Which of these should be the top priority?
  3. What strategies does your teacher recommend for maximising improvement in these areas?
  4. Is there any other advice your teacher has for you to improve? 

(Be ready to move your seat away from friends and to the front of the room if necessary).

End by thanking your teacher for their time!

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