Advice For School Leavers – Education Doesn’t Stop Here

First off – a huge congratulations to all the senior students who have just finished their schooling life and are in the middle of the external exams. It has been an immensely difficult year for everyone, but it goes without saying that you Year 12s have had the roughest time of all.

From adapting to online learning, cancelled assessments and a global pandemic (not to mention fires, floods, politics and the rest… let’s not even start on how tough it would be to have turned 18 in lockdown!) it has been an awful time to be a senior student. But here we are, on the other side in one piece. We are so proud of you all!

You might be ready to write off education and learning after 2020, but just know even if you don’t have plans on going to TAFE or University, education and learning doesn’t stop here!

Being an adult in the real-world is hard work and, like it or not, learning every day. Even just popping on a documentary or reading a magazine is learning! So, in order to be the best you can be, learning is an essential and critical thing we do to continue on in life.

If you are ending your school career and heading to Uni, TAFE, College or even nothing at all, give us a ring! We have specialised teachers for all these pathways and are more than happy to help with your transition into learning – wherever and whatever that looks like to you.

Congratulations again and best wishes!

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