Activities for the School Holidays

It’s finally that time – school holidays are here! Let’s beat holiday boredom together with these five activities that will keep your students occupied while learning.

Don’t forget – school holidays are the optimal time to consolidate what the student has learnt so far this year, prepare for end of year exams and also get a head start on the term ahead!


From making their own slime to revamping a household item, DIY projects are one of the best ways for kids to kill time while being productive. Following instructions and guides while using their hands to create something will not only help with hand-eye coordination and problem solving, but will also give kids a sense of pride when they have completed their activity.

Cooking & Baking

In a similar way, cooking and baking can really help develop a child’s problem-solving ability while giving them a delicious reward for completing the task! Get your child to not just “Take the chicken out of the freezer”, but make a whole meal from scratch. This way your whole family can reap the rewards! If you are looking for an easy place to start, ingredient delivery services like Hello Fresh or Dinnerly can be a great way to get kids involved in cooking.

Reading & Film

We’re not suggesting that kids waste their whole days by marathoning Netflix specials, but don’t discount the importance of watching good films or reading books. Take it a step further by getting your child to watch/read something a bit higher than their usual level and make sure to ask them questions about the film/book afterwards. This will improve analysis techniques and critial thinking skills.

Outdoor Activities

If you can spare some time over the holidays, do something fun! There are a lot of fun, COVID-safe activities you can do outdoors, like mini-golf, obstacle courses or even just going for a family bike ride. Especially this year when we were forced to give up a bit of our freedom, getting outside is more important than ever.

Stationery Shopping

This activity is a great way to get reluctant learners excited about school again! Get your child to flick through an Officeworks catalogue and pick out a new pencil case or notebook, and then get them to price match. This can build financial skills and math ability and will give them something to look forward to come Term 4.

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