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It’s finally that time – school holidays are here! Let’s beat holiday boredom together with these five activities that will keep your students occupied while learning.

It is the time of year when most students from years 8 – 10 are beginning to choose their elective classes for 2021 and this can be a completely overwhelming task, to say the least. We have asked some of our qualified teachers to help define what exactly electives are and how to choose the best for success.

If you have a child at school, you’ve more than likely heard the term “syllabus” thrown around. However, unless you have a background in teaching, you probably are a bit unsure of what exactly a syllabus is.

My child is learning from home... but now what?

Victoria is unfortunately back into Stage 3 Lockdown, and although schools are rapidly working to move their classes online and have (fortunately or unfortunately, we’ll let you decide…) had prior experience with online schooling, what students really need in this time is support from the people they can see in real life, while ensuring they are still working toward their learning goals.

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