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At Full Spectrum Education we are a team of driven, passionate educators. Our goal is to harness our qualified teaching abilities to effectively elevate our students learning abilities.

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✔ QLD - Brisbane, Gold Coast & Sunshine Coast
✔ VIC - Melboune Suburbs
✔ NSW - Tweed Heads, Byron Bay, Ballina
✔ Our teachers come to you or direct online video
✔ Qualified QCT and VIT Registered teachers
✔ Qualified University and TAFE College Teachers 
✔ Qualified practising experts in their field 
✔ Proud members of the Australian Tutoring Association
✔ Comprehensive curriculum understanding
✔ Prep to University
✔ Flexible sessions
✔ Individual teaching and learning plans
✔ Individualised assessment for all unique                    learning needs
✔ Refine decision making skills
✔ Improve social and behavioural skills
✔ Boost student confidence

What value do you place on your child's success?

We ask this question of all our potential clients - parents just like you, who want only the best for their children and their future. It’s an interesting thought to ponder, because like all things in life, the answer is relative.

Do you value it enough to seek professional one-on-one educational care?

Do you value it enough to realise that ‘the system’ caters for the group, and that the individual needs extra attention?

Do you value it enough to give your child an unfair advantage - no matter their current academic level?

Take a look at our pricing options and see how Full Spectrum Education can benefit your child today.

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Every school has a unique method of setting work, tasks and assessing the level their students are at, but mostly these tests come in the forms of an assessment or an assignment. However, the difference between the two of these can be hard to spot - both receive task sheets, both can usually be worked on at home, they can contain some of the same content. So, how do we tell the difference and how can this help your child?

It’s no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought in an unprecedented era of online learning and education. All years and study levels were forced dramatically and suddenly to navigate a world previously unknown to them, and all of their education was digitised.

As we know, school has moved online for the foreseeable future. Each learning institution is handling the situation differently, using a combination of email, school uploading platforms, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, OneNote... the list is endless. Most students are relatively tech-savvy, so utilising these platforms won't be an issue for them or something they will need help from their parent or guardian with. What they do need help with is the nemesis of all young people - structure.

Research shows conclusively that one of the best ways to transfer information from Short Term Memory (STM) to Long Term Memory (LTM). One of the best strategies is called SPACED REPETITION. Spaced Repetition, essentially, involves revisiting the ideas or skills you are learning in class regularly. For example research suggests revisiting at least once within 48 hours, and then at least weekly to maximise understanding and retention.

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