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How To Prepare For The UCAT  

A few weeks ago our Director of Education, Ben Maher, had the amazing opportunity to collaborate with Scott Fraser from Fraser's Medical Tuition to host a webinar all about the UCAT 

If you or your child are prepping to take the UCAT this July, we’ve put together the key takeaways from that presentation and have included a 2-minute supercut of all the highlights 

Read the full article here!

Full Spectrum Flashcast Series 8 is live!  

The Full Spectrum Education Podcast (Flashcast = short podcast!) has officially kicked off its eighth series 

In this season, one of my mates and inspirations Lachie Stuart shares his insights he has gained from founding The Man That Can Project ✅

In this first episode titled 'Becoming a Man of Value', Lachie discusses:

• How values drive us
• The importance of knowing your values
• The 5 principles of success
• Changing your state to support your goals

Level up your Saturday and listen to something seriously worthwhile 

Working with our mates: Andrew Smith  

In today's #WorkingWithOurMates I virtually sit down with one of our incredible business partners, Andrew Smith from Coraggio 

Coraggio is a community of more than 300 owners of Australian businesses that do a multitude of things, including hosting speaking events and supporting the community with their advisory boards ✅

Settle in and listen to why Corragio is at the forefront of helping members grow their businesses and to become sophisticated leaders of their people  There's a lot to be learnt in this one!

Find out more about FSE's community partners here: https://www.fsedu.com.au/partners/community-partners/

Ways To Improve Literacy  

Today's article gives you practical, actionable tips on how to improve your child's literacy 

In an increasingly online world, literacy is as a skill is as important as ever 

FSE teachers work day in, day out to ensure our students have a high level of literacy that is then transferrable to other subjects. If you would like more information on how we educate, get in touch! ✅

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Motivation Monday - John Hanby   

Today's #MotivationMonday features one of our world-class educators John Hanby 

We absolutely love having John on our team and today I quiz him on what gets him out of bed in the morning and why he is so passionate about being a teacher with Full Spectrum Education ✅

So, grab a coffee, press play, and get ready to feel all kinds of motivation this beautiful Monday 

Working with our mates: Michael Dransfield 

Today's #WorkingWithOurMates is with one of our wonderful partners, Michael Dransfield from Burgundy Bespoke Jewellers 

Michael is the perfect example of someone who just simply knows his stuff and I truly admire that 

Grab a mug and settle in for our chat today where we discuss all things Bespoke jewellery as well as our ongoing partnership and much more ✅

Teacher of the Month - Kylie Pozzebon 

I would love to publicly congratulate our Full Spectrum Education Teacher of the Month - Kylie Pozzebon 

Kylie is one of our incredible special education teachers that balances educating students with learning disabilities such as autism, as well as other mainstream students 

Kylie works incredibly hard to achieve amazing results and these kids are incredibly grateful to have someone like Kylie in their lives, working with them to help them reach their full potential ✅

Thank you for all you do for us Kylie!

Motivation Monday - Tony Banks

The name's Banks... Tony Banks 

Today's #MotivationMonday comes to you with one of our fantastic teachers and some of my fantastic teacher jokes. 

I hope all of you are not just getting motivation from these videos, but also getting to know our amazing team here at Full Spectrum Education. ✅

I am so proud every day of our commitment and dedication to learning. 🤙

Working with our mates: Scott Fraser

Today's #WorkingWithOurMates comes to you with Dr. Scott Fraser from Fraser's Tuition.

Over the last decade, Fraser's Tuition's expert tutors & holistic approach has helped thousands of students get into medicine ✅

If you, your child or anyone you know is interested in pursuing a career where they must pass the UCAT exam, then this chat is for you 

For more info on Full Spectrum Education's partnerships, visit our page here: https://www.fsedu.com.au/partners/education-partners/

The Difference Between an Assessment and an Assignment

One of the questions myself and my teachers get asked all the time by parents is this - what exactly IS the difference between an assessment and an assignment? 

Well, I thought there was no better time than to delve into this topic.

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New content in the pipeline

Today was a fun one in #socialdistance style. 

Myself and Lachie Stuart recorded a new episode of our FSE Podcast, helping The Man That Can Project spread awareness around mental health in men ✅

Stay tuned! Exciting things are coming.

Motivation Monday - Peta Scott

It has been a bit of a slow start to the week with all of our children back in the classroom, but now we're settled it's time for a little motivation on our *real* Monday this week 🤣

In this one I'm sitting down (virtually, of course) with the one and only Peta Scott 

Grab a warm beverage and settle in for our discussion ✅

Working with our mates: Peta Lilley

Today on #WorkingWithOurMates, I'm chatting with Dr. Peta Lilley from Lilley Place Psychology Practice 

We are getting right into it with how these unprecedented times have affected how Dr. Lilley helps people in need ✅

Especially as we branch out our Full Spectrum brand to include health, mental health discussions are extremely important. 

Grab a drink and settle in for another one of our amazing partners give excellent insight to the current circumstances.

What is the thing that is missing from online learning?

As the COVID-10 pandemic begins to settle many are wondering what aspects of our traditional learning practices may have been most impacted by this period of online learning.

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Motivation Monday - Byron Barillas

Today's #MotivationMonday comes to you from one of my fantastic teachers at Full Spectrum Education ✅

Byron Rene Barillas is a superstar, no questions asked.

Grab your Monday morning coffee and press play on our awesome chat!

Working with our mates - Sarah

Today's #WorkingWithOurMates comes to you with special guest Sarah Maxwell who runs In The Game Coaching ✅

Sarah is a retired professional athlete - representing her birthplace Canada in the sport of beach volleyball, even reigning as National Champion for two years.

But it's not just her being a professional athlete that makes Sarah a riveting person to chat to - she has a multitude of qualifications across Psychology and Linguistic Planning that helped her start her relationship training business “In The Game”. 

Level up your scrolling game and listen to a wildly intelligent and determined waman share her insights. 

Teacher of the Month!

I’m so proud to present April’s Teacher of the Month Joe Ousby

I want to personally thank Joe for all his hard work teaching maths as well as he does, as well as writing for a very exciting upcoming project with FSE ✅

I also would like to wish Joe and his wife of 39 years today a wonderful wedding anniversary 

Joe - you inspire me everyday! Very honoured to call you part of the incredible Full Spectrum Education team 

Dane Koosmen thank you for introducing me to this legend.

The Man That Can Project partnership!

Lachie Stuart and I are just two like-minded individuals (there's more than one of us!) that just want to dedicate our lives to helping people every day 

It is with that we announce The Man That Can Project's partnership with Full Spectrum Education! ✅

Where The Man That Can Project is dedicated to helping men globally become their best selves, we at FSE are committed to improving learning and education across the country 

We are kicking off this incredible partnership with our first collaborative challenge - the Push Up Challenge! 


Structured Learning & Distance Education

Structure is one of the most important things you can incorporate and enforce in a student's life and routine, especially when it comes to learning online ✅

Check out my latest article on how to create structure with distance education 

Click Here to read.

We love feedback

Feedback like this is why myself and my FSE team do what we do.

Now more than ever, feedback is of critical importance. Check out this chat with the Belchers and their experience with Full Spectrum Education for their boys at Brisbane Boy's College ✅

A key takeaway: one of the qualities that makes a good teacher is being able to relate to the student.

Here at FSE, we pride ourselves on our ability to do just that!

Teacher of the Month

Check out my first ever #MotivationMonday! This week, I'm chatting to our latest Teacher of the Month recipient, Charlotte Emma - via Zoom, of course! 

As one of our top teachers, Charlotte gives us insight into the tech-savvy generation of students moving to online learning.

Working with our mates

Welcome to our first #WorkingWithOurMates ! This week we speak to Martin Tuner from The Turner Group, one of Full Spectrum Education's partners.

It's important for us to do everything we can to help in these trying times, and introducing our Full Spectrum Family to people like Martin is one of the things we can do to offer support ✅

The Turner Group is an employment agency and recruitment consultant service, that successfully came through the GFC. Although the pacing has changed in today's COVID-19 climate, the processes remain the same and The Turner Group are here to help 

Highlights of this chat:
- The Turner Group still have employees out in the field
-Although most business has ground to a halt, remaining positive is key
-We will get through this together!

For more info on the Turner Group, visit: www.theturnergroup.com.au

Teacher of the Month

Celebrating March's Teacher of the Month at the appropriate social distance! ✅

Big congratulations to Charlotte Emma for all of her incredible hard work with us, even as we have had our entire teaching plans go up in flames this month! 

With March being undoubtedly one of the most challenging months on record for teachers, Charlotte still maintained her positive attitude and took to her online and physical sessions with her trademark passion for teaching 

Making Online Teaching & Learning Engaging

In this uncertain time, we have seen education and learning move to online platforms 

But how do we make these lessons engaging? I have put together some of my top tips in my latest article...

If you are an educator, a learner, or a parent tackling homeschooling, this is for you!

Click here to read the full article

Learning at home & need a boost?

Recently we began an initiative to offer support to all friends and family members of Full Spectrum Education. We wanted to provide new and innovative ways to guide student learning in this difficult time so that we can remove all barriers to quality teaching with the intent being to simply provide meaningful assistance to students of all ages.

Through our hard work and dedication, we have managed to launch an online group teaching format at a lower price point to broaden our ability to help those families that desperately need support in educating their children but cannot afford our traditional teaching and learning model.

✅ Pay as you go

✅1 hour lessons

✅ All subjects available

Click Here to Learn more!

My child is learning from home... but now what?

Parents and guardians across the globe are reeling in the news that the education of their children now rests in their hands. Although schools are rapidly working to move their classes online, what students really need in this time is support from the people they can see in real life, while ensuring they are still working toward their learning goals.

As an educator, I am going to provide some of my top tips to help aide your child in their online learning journey;

  • Be as positive and calm as you can be. It is an often forgotten fact that all children will soak up your mood like a sponge, so their anxiety levels to a minimum is paramount. It is also important to remember the environment they are trying to adapt to, so make sure you are being kind and flexible.
  • Further to this, try to limit their time on social media or reading/seeing articles on the state of the world. We do not need to over-expose our children at this time.
  • Structure is key - model your days off a predictable routine such as school hours with period blocks so the student can adapt more efficiently.
  • Try and take breaks outside if possible.
  • Do the hardest subjects first if possible, while their brains are more switched on and they are able to concentrate better.
  • Get as creative as possible with learning - you have an opportunity here to help teach them real-life skills as well as their curriculum. Do what you can to embed some more knowledge in your child while you can.
  • Try to keep your child on a consistent sleep schedule; it is too easy to let older children stay up and then wake up late, so try and keep a structure that works for your family.
  • Don't forget to keep your child socially connected - remember that they are used to seeing hundreds of people on a daily basis and that has all of a sudden been taken away from them. Incorporate phone calls, video calls and the like into their routine so they can feel connected to their peers.
  • Set a goals/reward system so your child has things to aim for and look forward to.
  • Find a mentor that can provide individualised, one-on-one education that can help your child through the curriculum.

We are all in this together.

Online Learning Resources to Support At-Home Education

We at Full Spectrum Education beleive in taking proactive steps to adapt to new chalenges & we know a lot of our clients feel the same way. In response to the ongoing COVID-19 situation many parents are looking for ways to ensure their child's education receives a minimum of disruption. One such way is to access some of the vast array of learning material available online. Finding learning resources can be a challenge, the volume of material is overwhelming & deciding which material is best is difficult. To help with this we have prepared a blog post design to point parents in the right direction when they’re attempting to support their children over the coming weeks and months.

The Difference Between Distance Education and Home Schooling

It’s official – Australian schools have closed and are making the transition to online learning. Although the current line from the Government is that school will recommence at the beginning of Term 2, that reality is looking more and more unlikely with each passing day in these uncertain times. Regardless of the eventuality, it is important to prepare for the circumstance that schools are indefinitely postponed, with education then falling in the hands of the parents.

This leads us to a very important distinction – the difference between distance education and home schooling.

While homeschooling is when a parent provides the entire education for the child, distance education is a qualified teacher using an education platform to teach a student from afar.

But why is the difference important?

Because both are options for parents in the current climate.

Most schools are able to go online completely, and that’s fantastic. However, forcing students to rapidly adapt to an entirely new system of learning can be extremely challenging. Although teachers are doing their utmost to make the transition seamless, without the support of a qualified educator this can be detrimental to their learning. If the school isn’t able to provide a complete online transition, then the challenge is even stronger.

So what can you do to help your child in this difficult period?

Combine their learning with worksheets and activities you can find, and enlist the help of teachers, tutors and educators to ensure your child is on track. Nothing can replace a qualified teacher with knowledge of curriculum and syllabus, as they have trained to keep your child engaged, focused, inspired and achieving, This is such a delicate time and it’s imperative that your child stays up-to-date with their learning goals.

Remember that we are in this together, and utilising Distance Education is the way to make certain your child does not needlessly suffer as we deal with this pandemic of COVID-19 (Coronavirus).

If you are looking for further support during this time, we recommend hiring a personalised, one-on-one educator that can work with your child in-person or via platforms like Zoom. At Full Spectrum Education, our team are highly proficient across a multitude of platforms - from Zoom to Skype we have you covered! For more information, visit www.fsedu.com.au

YMCA Teen Fit!

Together with YMCA Jamboree Heights, our students are building confidence and self-esteem through physical activity. Well done! The Teen Fit program is just one of the excellent programs run by our friends at YMCA Jamboree Heights. Physical health has a tremendous impact on students learning & happiness. You have to take care of yourself across a full spectrum to achieve your best, which is why we value student fitness so strongly.

If you are attending sessions at our Learning centre or just happen to be in the area we fully recommend checking out what else is on offer at YMCA Jamboree Heights.

Welcome to the News feed

Welcome to our newest website feature, the Full Spectrum Newsfeed. Here we will post information on upcoming events, community projects, new developments within our business & general timely information we think the full spectrum community will find useful or interesting.

Our website is constantly being updated with new pages & we produce a variety of interesting content on an ongoing basis.

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We also recently launched the Full Spectrum Store where you can find a range of excellent textbooks from Pearson Education & a growing range of STEM focused learning tools. Our product range is new & still growing so check back now & then as we will definitely be expanding our range going forward.

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