Full Spectrum Education is an individualised academic educational company, aiming to empower each student to reach their individual potential. We focus on working to complement and support the student's school curriculum and exam schedule. Regardless of current achievement level, every student will benefit from our teachers' skills in providing individualised revision programs, exam preparation, and essential skill remediation or extension. Additionally, our teachers care enough to provide the life coaching in self-esteem building and motivational training that every student requires.

Our teachers are fully qualified within the Australian Education and Vocational learning system. This means your child will be taught the most current methods and relevant theories for their year level. Furthermore, each teacher understands how to make the complicated look simple, adapting their approach to suit each individual learner. Acknowledging and understanding each student's needs are different, our sessions are tailored one-on-one allowing specific focused learning experiences addressing classroom content, revision and exam preparation.

At Full Spectrum Education we don't tell students what to do, we teach them how to do it.

Administrative team

Our administrative team consists of education, operations, marketing & finance all working together to ensure the ethos of Full Spectrum Education is delivered consistently & at the highest standard.

Our Teachers

Click here to view our teaching team. Full Spectrum's teachers cover a wide range of subject areas & specialties but the thing they all have in common is the excellent standards & love of teaching that defines the Full Spectrum team.

Ben Maher

Founder & Director of Education

Email: ben@fsedu.com.au
Phone: 0438 165 912

Michael Hatcher

Director of Operations

Email: michael@fsedu.com.au
Phone: 0416 048 480

John Baker

Teacher & Client Liaison Manager

Email: john@fsedu.com.au
Phone: 0421 165 903

Sofie Wilkinson

Accounts Manager

Email: sofie@fsedu.com.au

Rolita Lanuza

Administration Coordinator

Email: rolita@fsedu.com.au

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