At Full Spectrum Education we pride ourselves in the quality and commitment of our teaching staff.

We are passionate about helping your child achieve the highest academic outcomes possible.

Each of our teachers has a strong education background as well as additional qualifications and areas of expertise to ensure we can confidently and proudly teach your child.

How do you choose a teacher for your child?

When you have children struggling with their grades or simply not performing as well as you would expect, whom would you turn to? There are hundreds of tutors in the marketplace. Some good, most average. So how do you choose the right one for your family?

The same way you choose any new service. You look at their qualifications, their drive, their background of success and their satisfied customers. This information is how you can decide who offers the best solution to your family's individual needs.

You can be assured that all of our teachers

Our Founder

Ben Maher

Founder - Director of Education

Ben has an impeccable education CV. He expects the same high standards from any of his teaching staff.

Ben currently holds a Bachelor of Primary Education, Master of Behavioural Psychology, and a Master of Education in addition to multiple education related positions and qualifications.

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Our Teachers

Aaron Himstedt

BA Education

Adam Howard

BA Business, GrDip Justice and Business Administration (Confidence & Life Skills Coach)

Adi Strickland

BA of Arts, GrDip in Education

Ai Yamamot

BA of Education (Languages)

Alex Zemcuznikov

BA Science, GrDip Education (Arts)

Alice McDonell

BA Education, Graduate Certificate of Education

Amandine Salmon

Master of Laws, BA of Laws, GrDip Education

Anchel Stapelberg

BA Arts, GrDip in Arts

Angie Patterson

BA Education

Bernadette Williams

BA Arts, GrDip Education, Graduate Certificate of Religious Education

Byron Barillas

BA Mathematics, GrDip in Education

Cabe Colledge

BA of Education

Carla Mardell

BA Education

Catherine Wilken

BA Education

Cenly Wong

BA Science, Masters of Biotechnology, GrDip in Education

Chandese Watts

BA Education

Charlene Palmer

MA Education, BA Arts (Japanese), BA Business

Charlotte Chisholm

BA of Education, BA of Arts

Chris Moore

BA Education, BA Art (Hons)

Clayton Mcllmurray

BA Education

Coco Bu

BA Education

Connor Broadhurst

BA of Applied Science, GrDip in Education

Dana Lee

BA Education (Academic Coach)

Daniel Jagannath

BA of Education, BA of Arts

David Isles

BA of Mathematics, BA of Commerce, BA of Engineering, GrDip in Education

Deanna Dickinson

BA Business

Declan Wallace

BA Education (Academic Coach)

Denise Dynne

BA Education

Dipti Arora

MA Education, BA Ed

Donna Wynne Markham

BA of Arts, GrDip in Education, Masters of Education

Doug Scown

BA of Applied Science, BA of Education

Dr Anthony Morgan

PhD in Surgery, PhD in Medicine (Medical Coach)

Elizabeth Salles

BA Education, GrDip in Education, MBA (Innovation & Leadership)

Elsie O'Brien

BA of Education, Masters of Social Work, Masters of Education

Fiona Purdon

BA Business (Literacy Coach)

Gabrielle Edwards

BA of Education, Masters of Education

Gerard Marsh

BA Technology Education, Cert IV in Information Technology

Graham Burvill

BA Education, BA Science (Physics)

Graham King

BA of Education

Hayden Murdoch

BA Education

Helen Masselos

BA of Applied of Science, GrDip in Education, Masters of Education

Ian Usher

BA Education, Cert IV in Training and Assessment, Certificate IV in Life Coaching, Cerfiticate III in Aviation Ground Services

Ian Wilson

BA Science (Honours)

Ivonne Vega

MA English Language, BA Arts

Jaimi Barrett

BA Education

Jake Eve

BA Education

Janine Wright

BA Education

Jason Smith

BA Accounting, GrDip in Business & HR Management

Jessica Gill

BA Music, Dip Education

Joanne Pearn

BA Education

Jodie Cunningham

BA Education

Joe Ousby

MA Education, BA Mathematics

John Baker

BA Exercise Science, GrDip in Exercise Physiology, GrDip in Education

John Hanby

BA of Science, GrDip in Education, Masters of Science

Josh Taylor

MA Law, BA Law, BA Art, GrDip Education

Justin Wise

MA Education, BA Ed (hons) (Primary/Middle)

Karen Cifuentes

BA of Education, BA of International Business, Masters of Information Technology

Kelly Walker

BA of Education

Kim Mills

BA Business, GrDip in Education

Kimberley Fenwick

BA Education, Cert 3 Fitness, Cert 3 Rec Instruction (swimming)

Kirsty Innes

BA of Education, BA of Arts

Kirsty Wilson

BA Education, BA Arts

Kylie Pozzebon

BA of Education

Libby Schuring

BA Education

Lindie De Lange

BA of Education

Lineu Vilanova

BA Education, MA Communications

Louise Harris

BA of Arts, GrDip in Education

Mandy Watt

BA of Business/BA of Psychology

Mark Robertson

BA Theology, GrDip in Education

Marla Muir

BA Education, BA Arts

Melissa Allen

BA Business, BA Education

Melissa Bateson

BA Education, Masters of Arts (Writing),

Mick Willis

BA Education (Primary)

Mila Miller

BA of Education, Masters of Education

Mu Zhang

BA of Arts, BA of Engineering, Masters of Engineering, GrDip in Education

Nagendra Vij

BA of Education, BA of Applied Science, Masters of Molecular Biology

Neale Castles

BA Education

Noor Azeyah Khiyon

PHD (Quantity Surveying), Masters in Science, BA Quantity Surveying (Hons), GrDip in Higher Education

Paula Brache

BA of Science, GrDip of Secondary Education

Peta Scott

BA Business, GrDip in Education

Petrina Smith

BA Education

Phil Baille

BA Education, BA Mathematics (Honours)

Saeed Kia

PhD in Engineering, Masters of Engineering, GrDip in TESOL

Sam Noordijk

BA Education, Certificate IV in Teacher Aide Studies

Samantha Munslow

BA of Education

Sarah Douglas

BA of Science, Masters of Education

Sarah Kinninment

BA Science, GrDip Education

Sharon Gerbich

BA Education

Shelley Linsdell

BA of Education

Simon Obiri

Chemical Engineering, GrDip in Education

Simon Wells

BA of Arts, BA of Laws, GrDip in Education

Stehpanie Green

BA Science, BA Education

Sue Burvill - Shaw

PhD Education,MA Ed, BA Ed

Suzie O'Hare

BA of Photography, GrDip in Education

Tiana Bowman

BA Education, BA Arts

Tim Lilley

BA Music (Composition), GrDip Education, Cert IV TESOL

Tim Mitchell

BA Science, GrDip Education

Tony Banks

BA Science, BA Engineering, GrDip in Education

Trent Newcomb

BA of Applied Science, GrDip in Education

Tyson Bose

BA Education

Valdis Blums

BA Photonics & Nanoscience (Hons.), Masters of Education

Valery Fan

BA International Tourism & Hotel Management, GrDip in Education, Masters of Education

Wendy Faren - Price

BA Education (Primary)

Zac Daunt

BA of Business/BA of Psychology

Zoe Taylor

BA Media (PR & Advertising), GrDip in Pyschology, GrDip in Education

Our Academic Coaches

Darcy Pepper

Numeracy Coach

Dylan Gorman 

Literacy Coach

Dylan Human

Numeracy Coach

Ethan Allen 

Numeracy Coach

Jayden Lin

Numeracy Coach

Jonah Boal 

Literacy Coach

Kayleigh Lane 

Literacy Coach

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